Xiaomi Mi 5 with 4GB RAM to Launch on 3rd December

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is presented on December 3rd. Is it a high-end smartphone? What will be the new flagship of this? How much will it cost? These are the possible technical features of the Xiaomi Mi 5, the new flagship of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Display Size: 5.3-inch

One of the highlights of the new Xiaomi's smartphone will feature a 5.3-inch screen, which is very important when you consider that since there are almost no flagships with such displays. Only the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a screen that is 5.5 inches or more, and the iPhone 6s. However, the Xiaomi Mi five will also compete in that a group of high-level phones that fail to have a 5.5-inch screen and they are a great option for those who feel they do not want a mobile as large, although the difference is not so relevant. However, the pixel density is still higher than that of a display with the same resolution and even larger. In this case, it is Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

High quality Camera

Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera

The smartphone camera is 16 megapixels, like the Samsung Galaxy S6. However, right now it is questioning the 12-megapixel camera with a larger sensor, it may be a better choice than the 16 megapixel cameras. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature a 12 megapixel camera. In this case, you can not confirm data to the camera, so it will be officially introduced as the features thereof are confirmed, and if it is special or highlight on the other. However, it itself is something to highlight the fact that the camera will be capable of recording in 4K. In fact it is obvious to any mobile that can be termed as flagship, but this confirms it will be of high quality.

Performance and Memory

Something that will make different in this Xiaomi Mi processor 5 will be, because it will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon new generation 820, and also this mobile would be the first to have that processor. The Samsung Galaxy S7 to be launched in January or February may also have at least one version, with said processor, so clear, again, that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will be a mobile can compete with any flagship of the new generation.

As regards your RAM, the smartphone will come with a 4 GB drive. Already mobile midrange 3GB RAM, so if you really want to consider a high-end mobile, you must have a RAM of 4 GB.

Moreover, it could be available in two versions which in internal memory capacity is concerned, 16 and 64 GB, two options similar to the iPhone 6s, but that can be criticized for offering only 16 GB if indeed it launches this one version. No flagship, however cheap it was, should come with this ability only. The minimum should be 32 GB.


The Xiaomi Mi 5 will be a mobile high-end, best of Xiaomi, and already the company's smartphones are phones that have a great design, as is the case of Xiaomi Mi Note. In fact, it might look like this, although it is unclear if will have a metal or glass enclosure. By all appearances, it could have a metal frame and a glass rear faces. Logically, the front is glass so it will resemble the Samsung Galaxy S6. Highlight, though, for having a thickness of only 5.1 millimeters. That's what was said, although it seems complex in a mobile high level like this all components with which it has to tell. However, if so it would be a very remarkable feature.


Finally, we should also talk about the characteristics that differentiate this phone from others, or at least many other phones, because there are not the only ones moving. It will have a fingerprint reader, although it could be special. Using ultrasound thanks to the latest technology from Qualcomm, the reader could be integrated behind the screen, so it might seem that the screen itself is able to read the fingerprint. It would be a great location for the fingerprint reader much more useful than on the screen or in the section under the camera, and even better than on the side frame.

The screen would have the ClearForce Synaptics technology, capable of detecting the level of pressure applied on the screen, similar to the 3D Touch technology that has the iPhone 6s. It is a possibility, although it has recently stated that the cost of integrating a technology of this style in the Xiaomi Mi 5 could have done that is not included in order to provide mobile at a cheaper price.

We should also highlight the Quick Charge Qualcomm technology which could already get in your iteration 3.0, thanks to which it could charge the battery of 3,030 mAh, very quickly. Incidentally, the smartphone will feature a USB Type-C connector new generation reversible.

In any case, we can almost confirm that will be available before year end. It will be presented on December 3 and that is when its technical features, price, and availability is confirmed.