Xiaomi Mi 5 Not only products that will be launched Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Xiaomi may not only will launch Mi 5, but also other products.

For Mi Fans, today became the most anticipated moment. Due on February 24 Xiaomi will launch their new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5 at the Beijing National Convention Center at 14:00 China time.

Xiaomi Mi 5

But besides Xiaomi Mi 5, there will be another surprise for you from the Xiaomi Mi Fans. Because in addition to smartphones, Pan Jiutang which is a well-known analyst said that Xiaomi Mi 5 is not the only device that will be launched at the event tomorrow.

He explained that the event Xiaomi today lasts for one to two hours, which is too long if only to launch a smartphone alone. Into believing that Xiaomi has another surprise for fans.

What products will be launched is still unknown. It could be drones, but we're not too sure because one Xiaomi officials had said that the drone will be announced later. Other candidates could be Mi Water Purifier, or some other product. Or perhaps an existing product in a new teaser image just posted Xiaomi above.

Can not wait for Xiaomi Mi 5? Unfortunately still take some time for it to come to Indonesia smartphone. Source:kolomgadget.com

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