Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE, urgent update before the Official Launch

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE has not yet officially launched, but has already received a first quite urgent update.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE , along with the flat version, receives an emergency update before being officially launched.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE

The Korean giant has unveiled its latest phablet with a major event during the MWC last year. After the first tests - certainly not very extensive - of the device, it was necessary to wait a few days before you have it in writing.

In addition, the official launch of the last jewel of the Korean giant is scheduled for tomorrow, even though much of the pre-orders have already been processed and many users are able to purchase it online.

The lucky owners of the device have received one odd update , shortly after unpacked the phablet curved. The update is quite small, just over 3MB, and covers the curved edges of the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE.

Moreover, the recommendation to upgrade under Wifi would denote the update urgency. Samsung recommends that you perform the update as soon as possible to avoid any errors.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE may have been updated to solve the unusual edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE

The update such an early and urgent, the last jewel of the company, could be due to a problem of hypersensitivity of the curved edges . In fact, many users have complained about this problem, which tends to create false starts to the Application dedicated to Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE .

In fact, since it is a minor update, it is difficult to judge a priori the purpose. You will need to wait for the experience of post updated user to check on possible improvements.