Oppo A37 Officially, Price USD 2.6 Million Will Present in Indonesia

recently updated Oppo smartphone A line of hers with a new phone called Oppo A37. This phone is priced starting at $ 199 or about USD 2.6 million. So, what this phone has to offer?

First, Oppo A37 equipped with Snapdragon 410 chipset as the brains of the phone. Its performance is also supported by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 128GB. There is a pair of cameras on the front and the rear, where the front camera is 5MP resolution (f / 2.4; 1/4 "), while the 8MP main camera with an aperture of f / 2.2 and uses a sensor 1 / 3.2".

Oppo A37

Oppo A37 rear camera can also take pictures with resolution up to 24MP mode thanks Ultra HD, as well as accompanying LED flash rear camera.

The good news, Indonesia is a country that will be visited this phone, even though the price might be different if it had been up to and sold in the country. Besides Indonesia, Oppo A37 will also be sold in Singapore. Reporting from GSM Arena , the phone will go on sale June 25, but we can not be sure whether that date to Singapore or Indonesia. Source:kolomgadget.com