LG K-Series will come to India on April 14, Two Smartphones

South Korean smartphone maker LG K-series smartphones will launch in India on April 14. The company has started to send media invite. The company will launch two 4G LTE smartphones support as the company invited Jdada emphasis on the LG for 4G.

LG K-Series

However, the company did not say that what will be smartphones . K7 and K10 device, which they hope will be introduced at this year's Consumer Electronic Show was.

According to the global price of Rs 15,000 in these two may smartphone prices. The high-end smartphones like the smartphones will be able to photography.

The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas , two variants were introduced . At the moment it is not clear that the company will launch one of these or both variants. But however it may look clean so that the smartphone segment in terms of looks the other phone leaves behind. Source:intoday.in