Lenovo plans to sell smartphones in China at cost

At that time, the company Lenovo is quite a successful player in the PC market, the industry's smart phone even after the acquisition of Motorola can not be beaten at least in the top three.


Sources say that in the next few years, Lenovo needs to significantly improve its position on one of the largest smartphone market in China. On this market is dominated by companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu. To compete with them, the Lenovo will have to seriously reconsider the pricing policy, the company does not hide that it is ready to go for it.

According to the Chinese edition of the CNR, the direction of the president of Lenovo Mobile Syudong Cheng (Cheng Xudong) said the company in the coming years does not plan to earn by selling its smartphones in China, selling them at cost. He believes that smart phones line Zuk and Moto Lenovo should help to significantly strengthen its position in the Chinese market. And if Lenovo will be able to gain a foothold in an extremely complex in terms of competition, the Chinese market, then the company plans to deal with rivals on the world stage.

Recall, presented at this week's five-inch smartphone Zuk Z2 with SoC Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM was a very attractive price of $ 273. Source:ixbt.com