Huawei changed its position regarding the use of Screens with 2K Resolution in Smartphones

About a year ago, the head of Huawei Richard Yu (Richard Yu) called stupidity installed in smartphones with 2K display resolution , because the human eye can not see the difference, in addition, it increases the cost and power consumption of the device.


Huawei Vice President Yu Chengdong (Yu Chengdong), dealing with the social network Weibo users just hinted that the company has changed its position on this matter.

"Last year, I would not buy a smartphone with the screen - he said. - But now I have changed my mind, and my next smartphone will have a display resolution of 2K, because I like virtual reality. "

The announcement comes just days after the announcement of the headset Huawei's the VR . It is logical to assume that the next flagship will get a screen with a resolution of 2K.