Google will strengthen the control of the Nexus-devices

Google intends to take more control over the reference line Android-devices Nexus. During an interview at the conference executive director of the Code search giant Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said that with respect to the design of devices his company would be "more stubborn," especially in those areas that Google considers it necessary to develop.

CEO Google Sundar Pichai (Asa Mathat / Recode)

It seems that Mr. Pichai indicates a desire Google actively promote new technologies using Nexus-phones. The company has always tried to do it in one way or another. For example, last year, the new smart phones and the Nexus Nexus 5X 6P received fingerprint scanners - such a move, of course, encourages other manufacturers to integrate fingerprint sensors in the new Android-based phone.

But Sundar Pichai during the interview also emphasized on the software. We are used to seeing in the Nexus-devices reference the Android platform, without any additions, and this may change. The head of Google said: "I hope you will see as we start adding more and more features on top of Android on the Nexus -apparatah. There is great scope for policy innovation. " I would not like to think that we are talking about the Nexus platform turning into a kind of experimental platform for testing new technologies.

Despite these statements, Google rejects the possibility of developing its own phone from scratch. "We plan to continue to cooperate with the producers for the production of smart phones the Nexus », - said Mr. Pichai. In other words, the company is only going to strengthen control over the hardware and software component of the Nexus.