Gionee Elife S8: it will be launched during the Mobile World Congress

Gionee no lack of news since last fall. It happens not a month without a smartphone so its prolific plants. Marathon M4, M5 and M5 Mini (released this week). The Elife S5.1 Pro S Plus and S6. Not to mention the small P5W very colorful. And it is certainly not finished since the company just announced that it will formalize a new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress: the Elife S8.

Gionee Elifa S8

The information is all there is more legitimate, since it comes from the brand site. Gionee present its new smartphone on 22 February, the opening day of the show. No big plenary session in the program, of course, but there should be the world to go and take charge. Journalists and bloggers, of course, but also marketers of Western brands (Blu Products, Wiko, etc.) that reuse the catalog of home Gionee to import some of the most iconic models.

Good picture and screen sensor with pressure sensor

What should we expect from Elife S8? According to the information distilled by Gionee, there will be a premium smartphone with two main qualities. The first is its equipment (software and hardware) for photo and screen. For the latter, Gionee announced that its slab integrate pressure sensors like the iPhone or 6S Huawei Mate S. Recall that other compatible models (Xperia Z6 particular) could also be announced. The question is whether it will be based on technology ClearForce Synaptics.

Otherwise, no further information was provided. Recall, however, that should replace the S7 S8, also unveiled during an edition of the Mobile World Congress. The S series is, like the Samsung Series A, presented as a range with a premium design (we remember the particularly fine Elife S5.1). We imagine a very good and very right end chassis, with metal and glass, as was previously the case.

And inside?

Inside should find a platform mid-range based MediaTek (why not a Helio P10) hosting a Super AMOLED Full HD panel protected by reinforced glass Corning. We do not imagine less than 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM. In addition, photo side, since this is one of the strong arguments of the mobile, the definition of the sensor should be at least 13 megapixels, as on previous models. These are only suppositions, but given the configuration of the latest S (S6, S7 and S Plus), it seems quite logical. Response in less than a month.


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