Galaxy Note 6 Lite would be a shortened version of the Smartphone

Handset makers know they can not stop the development of new models, because consumers always aspire to more. But not everyone has the same budget mobile phone, so now we know that the Galaxy Note 6 Lite would be a shortened version of the smartphone . Yes, specifications stoop, but the size would remain intact.

A short time ago we met the technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note rumored in June , including a 5.8 - inch 2K screen, Snapdragon 823 processor and new generation 6GB of RAM. Naturally, the version now before us reduces benefits, but much less than what is usual in these cases.

The truth is that it is not clear yet if the original model goes with curve or normal screen, and now the Galaxy Note is added as third variant 6 Lite. The rumor sounds interesting, but we must not give total reliability is more, the same Samsung may not be immediately clear which variants will present.

Galaxy Note 6 Lite

Galaxy Note 6 Lite, possible Specifications

They not yet have been leaked many details but, for all we know, the Galaxy Note 6 Lite trimmed a bit in all but screen size . Let's take a look at the data sheet that now seems likely:

- Screen: 5.8 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

- Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

- Memory RAM: 4 GB.

USB Type-C and virtual reality

Apart from these data assume that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite will come with USB Type-C and optimized for virtual reality . They seem to be two important features of the original model, and it would be normal that the share. Next to the Samsung Galaxy S7 did not leave a virtual reality helmet Gear VR, so it would appear reasonable now. This model also included USB Type-C port, because Samsung believed it was not the right time to add.

So Galaxy Note 6 Lite a limited version of the smartphone would be , but there are still months to go on sale. We can not take anything for sure about this model, but the truth is that looks good. Despite cuts specifications, it seems to continue to offer a very advanced specifications.