Xiaomi shown in a video the Xiaomi Max

Xiaomi has already confirmed that it will present its new products next May 10 in Beijing; but has not been able to wait for next week and has already released, thanks to a video posted on the official forums MIUI (customizing Xiaomi system), the design of the Xiaomi Max . For months it was rumored that the phone tablet Chinese company could reach 6.4 inches and have qHD resolution and, with this video, it seems that we are more close to confirm the rumors.

Until a few weeks ago, for this Xiaomi Max design and similar specifications expected to Xiaomi Mi 5 what has been disproved with video because, as you can see in the pictures, in the final version of the phablet not the central button appears physicist at the bottom of the front that if we had seen so far. The rest of the front, however, it is similar to the latest high - end Xiaomi: white front without the brand logo.

Xiaomi Max

The lid back is metallic and, although not clearly shown in the video, it does not seem to integrate a button that could be used for the fingerprint sensor . Therefore, either you run out fingerprint sensor, or very well hidden or placed somewhere else.

What remains clear after this video is that we are a terminal large , continue to maintain the question about the exact size but it is clear that if does not reach 6.4 inches as rumored, will stay close.

At the heart of this terminal will have the same processor in the My 5, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 , but the other elements that the list of specifications (cameras, RAM, etc.) is still unknown. Source:okdiario.com


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