The S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Surprise you with new Features

One of the most distinctive features that it has the range of phablets Galaxy Note is the inclusion of stylus S Pen. This provides advanced compared to those who are heading in other models, it seems, in the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 these will increase as this accessory will come with innovations in design that will make much difference.

S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 6

A patent is the dela Korean company has unveiled what we say. And, the fact is that if put into play with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 developments this model (which this time pointing to his arrival in Europe , where Spain would be one of the regions chosen for deployment) will the most striking. Thus, you want to take a firm step to keep this product range as the most outstanding in the market, especially now that the competition is much higher in the segment of phablets.

For starters, it appears that the S Pen in the working Samsung will have a central element that will allow you to bend . Thus, it is intended that this accessory fits in the best way possible to use those looking to buy a Galaxy Note. A small hinge is what would do this, and so you can see in the picture below we would not change its appearance or that ergonomics is lost. This, of course, be ideal for those with small hands and also children.

S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Use as a Stand, the other New

Yes, so it is in the patent that the company has achieved another of the new features is an item to be included in the top of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 (in the place where you insert the stylus), which will position the S Pen so that the phablet can be used in landscape format . For example, consumption of multimedia content such as movies is much better, and it is not necessary to use an additional cover for this. Magnetic technology seems to be the solution found to the anchor point.

The truth is that the new features are interesting, but maybe it's quite difficult for the two to be included while the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 , as usual is not enough to perform the corresponding tests have time to check its reliability . Personally, and as a user of this product range, I think the more interesting of the two is what allows placing the phablet in landscape format, because in this way can give you further use the device leveraging dimensions its touch screen.


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