The new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when it launches in Europe?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best smartphones that have been launched this year. However, the fact is that the smartphone has not been released in Europe. You will come to Spain in January, it seems. Are you going to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when it launches in Europe?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung launches every year two high-level smartphones. In addition, this year has also launched several variants of this. However, the two best smartphones remain the same, new version, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Also keep both versions of the flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + The two phones with curved screen. However, these four smartphones, there is one that has not been released in Europe, the Galaxy Note 5. And the truth is that if we had said that some of these not it would launch in Europe, had said it would be one of curved screen versions, as the Galaxy Note has always been one of the best sellers. But Samsung did not release in Europe, so far, it seems that the new smartphone will come in January. Now, users will buy?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 come a month after

The big problem for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be the Samsung Galaxy S7. If already they would spend only six months since the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7, it will still be relevant in the case of Europe, for throwing the Galaxy Note 5 January, and officially presenting the Samsung Galaxy S7 in February, seems complex that users want to buy the new smartphone may soon buy a mobile next generation with improved processor.


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