Sony is about to launch mid-range Smartphone?

The image of a smartphone is said of Sony, and this product is expected to be mid-range smartphone, but the Sony is about to launch in the near future. Let her find out more about them!


The first leaked images were obscured although logos and signs to recognize but perhaps redesigned look that users can easily guess that this is a product from Sony, the design characterized as rounded edges and power button clearly shows owned by Sony here.

This time, the product is coated with a luxurious rose gold color and featured no less what fringed rose gold Apple iPhone 6s.

When it comes to the design of this product you will be overwhelmed by the exquisite cuang as its eye catching. Hopea machine circuit designs and is equipped with protective glass is curved, and also thin rim screen similar to C5 Ultra launched not long ago.

One feature is the hard keys are located on the right side is just the design of the Sony, the Sony style. As expected, this may only be a mid-range of the market Sony wanted to jam into the future, there would be a C6, M6 or C6 Ultra such.

Ignore everything, even if there is no matter what the product is under the picture to see the positive changes in terms of design, first in color. As smartphone on this form, then perhaps Sony're competing with a hot pink gold products is available on the market. 2015 was a year of "red gold" for the technology world smartphone .

If you really are a loyal fan or a smartphone enthusiasts will surely know that this is the first time Sony choose yellow roses for Xperia models and one more thing is that both the front and back of the Each product is a color uniform, outside the white owner. Before that, whether your product may be yellow, green, orange, ... the front is still the traditional black, a design feature of the color of Sony .

In addition to the leaked image above are speculating by tech world as well as users. And without any credentials or voiced assertion manufacturers. Predictions are just predictions, let's wait and see with him in this product line is the Sony, there really is a midrange product line that Sony is about to launch on the market.


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