Smartphone Upcoming $15 in India

While holding the record for the cheapest smartphone for just $30 Indian market soon appear smartphones priced at just $15.

Company Datawind come from Canada and service providers of India, Reliance Communications (RCom) were linked together to launch the smartphone will cost $15 (300,000 dong) later this year in the second most populous country on the world.

This device will not run Android popularity, instead it's installed Linux operating system, supports 2G connectivity (no 3G or Wi-Fi). According to the Economic Times of India, super cheap smartphone is expected to launch on 28/12.

Datawind and RCom is targeting first time users owning a smartphone. According to IDC statistics, as of quarter 4/2014, 65% of mobile devices in the country with a population of over one billion people are still the basic phones, decreased rapidly than the rate of 78% of straight quarter 1 the same year. Thus the Indian smartphone market is growing fast and also great potential.

Datawind is not brand new in providing cheap hardware devices. In 2011, the company has developed 7-inch tablet called Aakash with prices only about 38 USD.

Datawind CEO Suneet Singh's Tulu said, they can make these smartphones have such incredible prices thanks to cost microprocessors and memory is relatively cheap, the company would soon reach an agreement with the housing provider manufactured in China or Taiwan.

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