Samsung wants to use the sensor Xperia Z5 in the camera Galaxy S7

Many know that Samsung not only manufactures displays, batteries, processors or memories using their phones (and many other brands) but is also able to design and manufacture its own image sensor with technology Isocell. No But it seems that Samsung have been so impressed with the performance of the sensor IMX300 Sony equips the Xperia Z5 they are negotiating with Sony to incorporate it in the next Galaxy S7. The latest rumors indicated that Samsung would use its own Isocell sensors 20 MP S7 in the Galaxy (currently Galaxy S6 takes 16 MP sensor), but it is possible that in certain areas use the Sony IMX300.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

The sensor IMX300 is currently used in the Xperia Z5 and says that Sony wants to keep it exclusive for its terminals, at least temporarily. According to e XPERTS websites like DxOMark , Xperia Z5 camera is the best on the market with a score of 87 out of a hundred, just one point above the Galaxy S6 that gets a rating of 86 in DxOMark tests. Of course, the image quality obtained by the camera not only has to do with the sensor but are equally important lenses, the image processor and the software that processes the sensor data and can make a difference. And if Samsung is "fighting" to use this sensor Sony is because surely can overcome the image quality of the Z5 , something that Sony probably not make much grace (Samsung almost equal quality Z5 to the Galaxy S6 uses Sony IMX240 sensor or sensor itself Isocell 16 MP).

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Camera 1

However, much as Sony wants to keep his best sensor for your phone, you probably do not want to lose considerable income that can pose equip one of the most popular first manufacturer of mobile terminals, which would mean many millions of units sold its sensor. What is not clear is how Samsung would use the IMX300 sensor having actually 25 MP , on their mobiles, while in other versions using your own with 20 MP, because it would be difficult to explain that some versions have higher resolution than others. In this case, the solution could be cut resolution Sony sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Camera

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