Review Lenovo A7010

Lenovo A7010 is the successor to the K3 Note smartphone before.

Note After the Lenovo K3 Note, each storm in the mobile market in Vietnam, in the range of $ 4 million. Then recently, Chinese manufacturers to refresh the day K3 Note 1 products named Lenovo A7010, also known by the more familiar name is Lenovo K4 Note.

However, contrary to the strategy of the previous K3 Note, Lenovo A7010 expresses a new direction of Chinese manufacturers in our country. Accordingly, Lenovo A7010 invest heavily in quality machining, without too cheap price, higher than the K3 Note, but the configuration is equivalent to last year.

Below you will find detailed reviews about Lenovo A7010 Smartphone.


We can say Lenovo A7010 smartphone is a molting on appearance than the previous Lenvo K3 Note. Instead of harsh styling, with strong masculine part, manufacturers have bent, rounded most lines on the Lenovo A7010. Personally I appreciate this point.

First, the machine has less angles, allowing users to comfortably hold and easier. Before Lenovo K3 Note 2 side made quite hard, hand holding the camera should feel pretty celery. However, on Lenovo A7010, 2 sides were soft, curved board, to experience better grip.

Second, the size of Lenovo A7010 thicker and larger than its predecessor, with measurements of 153.6 x 76.5 3 ring is 9.2 mm x. Maybe, aesthetic elements on Lenovo A7010 will decrease slightly. But in return, the machine provides users with peace of mind, certainly. Large-screen smartphones, new hand held dress called happiness.

Third, Lenovo A7010 itself possesses plastic chassis, but is brushed silver painted metal frame like. This allows the machine more luxurious, not plastic resin as Lenovo K3 Note. Generally, the material is processed on Lenovo A7010 is quite good, quite worth the money to spend.

Finally, the removable lid back on Lenovo A7010 is also easier. Who has been using Lenovo K3 Note must also agree that the removable lid back on this smartphone is quite difficult, especially for someone not to nail. Thus, the removable SIM or memory card with Lenovo A7010 is also easier.

Fingerprint Sensor

Lenovo A7010

It should be emphasized, Lenovo A7010 is equipped with a fingerprint sensor 1 touch. That is in addition to touch sensing operation, the department completely unable to hit or push it. Pluses of the fingerprint sensor that is able to detect fine, finger touch screen is unlocked, very fast.


It is confirmed, the Lenovo A7010 does not bring much improvement in terms of configuration than its predecessor is Lenovo K3 Note. Because most of those upgrades are on the design surface. However, if compared with the majority of Lenovo A7010 smartphone within reach $ 5 million now, is still very good configuration.

Specifically, the machine possesses 5.5 inch display with FullHD resolution, the processor integrates 64-bit 8-core MediaTek MT6753, Mali T720 graphics-MP3, 3GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, support microSD card slot. The preinstalled operating system Android 5.1 and battery capacities up to 3,300 mAh.

Lenovo A7010

As for the screen, Lenovo is still popular with the mid-range smartphone with a good screen quality, sharp images, and especially the high brightness display help content possible, even when using the sun. Indeed, the screen of Lenovo A7010 still fully owns these advantages.

Meanwhile, in terms of experience, Lenovo A7010 performance not inferior to many high-end products of last year, better multitasking capabilities. When playing games, especially some games require the ability to handle high as Rival Knights graphics, Lenovo A7010 still performs very well, and rarely machine gets hot, just warm up.

Regarding battery life, Lenovo A7010 charged just once, but used all day. If you choose to buy a machine for the job, Lenovo A7010 will be extremely useful, supports 2 SIM 2 by the waves, and the ability to expand memory, used as one SIM. Lenovo A7010 also supports 4G connectivity, to keep up with current trends 4G.

Especially, if like listening loudspeaker, with the market's most popular music, speakers on the top edge and bottom edge of the machine will meet the needs of the user sound. In particular, Dolby Atmos technology that reproduces sound from external speakers into 3D, making sound when watching movies, listening to music becomes more vivid


If you like the design and the Lenovo A7010 cameras have proved reasonable with the price range of about 5 million, then the camera which is a big minus point. First, the features and options in the application of Lenovo A7010 camera is pretty meager. Most users only choice is Paronama and Effects.

Even in manual mode does not bring more choices, primarily focused on ISO and white balance. In addition, low-light shooting capability of this camera is not good, heavy noise and loss of detail. Processor speed and HDR photo is pretty long, difficult for an HDR image like that.

Overall, with a $ 5 million smartphones like Lenovo A7010, imaging capabilities seem to be a major shortcoming. But if you are familiar with the brand from China, we could hardly expect the smartphone's camera as this medium.

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