Review Huawei G7 Plus: Good Design, Many Features

Huawei smartphone with metal unibody design and equipped with many high-end features such notable fingerprint sensor, optical anti-shake camera.


Review Huawei G7 Plus

The first feeling when holding the machine Huawei G7 Plus, heavy holding hands, but by design completely made of metal, so there is a little bit of heart and feeling of discomfort when taking a long time. To fix, a bumper or skin patches are choices which users should choose.

Review Huawei G7 Plus

It has a metal unibody design, just sold only with a yellow gold - the colors are popular on the current technological equipment. Although made of metal and glass, but the edges are rounded machine grinding so deft when holding with comfortable feeling, no heart at any point. CNC cutting quality and cut the plug hole, the hole is perfect speakerphone. Additionally, the glass screen is designed as 2,5 D - a trend initiated new design makes curved glass on the sides - should increase the aesthetic factor and can increase the effective display.

Metal casing factory is doing fine sand coated form, are applied on the current high-end smartphones, and Apple also applied on its MacBook line. This format is designed to help computer casing stick while holding hands, plus the unique feeling when touching material of this type instead of swinging his hairless surface of old-style metal. According to the manufacturer, as the cover material is normally used in production aircraft shells.

Review Huawei G7 Plus

Also, behind the machine has two rather special emphasis is placed on both the top and bottom machine. Two strips are made from high-grade plastic material PBT, besides making more beautiful backside, also play an indirect role in enhancing the quality of reception for the antenna, because the design of metal are hindering job reception of the antenna, which is also made of metal.

Fingerprint Sensor

Huawei G7 Plus is one of very few under 10 million smartphones equipped with a fingerprint sensor. According to the manufacturer, fingerprint sensor on G7 Plus generation more advanced 2.0. The sensor of Huawei G7 Plus can perform operations: photography, open the machine, turn off the alarm, opens and disable notification bar. The sensor is quite sensitive and according to the manufacturer, the algorithm scans the fingerprint 360 degree accuracy up to 94% so users quite easily manipulated.

Review Huawei G7 Plus

Tests showed that the fingerprint scanner to unlock the machine went very well, very rarely have to second scan. Earlier, in the fingerprint registration operation for the first time, people write only costs about 4-5 times put left index finger on a fingerprint to identify finishing machine. While considering a high-end smartphone sold about 16 million more than a year ago, the first registered fingerprint and the thumb on the sensor claw (located at the front Home button) often takes time; more than 10 times the registered finger swipe is successful, and the unlocking of this sensor is often not easy.


Huawei's G7 Plus main Camera 13MP resolution with optical vibration resistance. This feature will help curb blurred image caused by hand shake shooting. The optical stabilization, or vibration from the lens - the hardware - not anti-shake algorithm should be for better image quality for the other cameras are not equipped with this feature. In addition, the camera also features machine other standards like touch to focus, face recognition and smile shutter Panora, and features support for shooting backlit (HDR). This camera can shoot 1080p video at 30 frames / sec.

Review Huawei G7 Plus

Besides, as tends to be applied on many smartphones today, G7 Plus is also equipped with the color filter change, help photograph the strange and beautiful tone.

Tests showed that the G7 Plus camera capable autofocus is quite fast, good help in the case of capturing baby or moving, or capture other moving objects.

In addition, the machine also features quite interesting is photographed by a fingerprint sensor placed behind the machine. Besides photographing click as usual, can take pictures by placing your finger on the sensor on the back to shoot, this is useful when shooting selfie.

The camera follows the G7 Plus 5MP resolution.

Other Features

Huawei G7 Plus is equipped with Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon processor 615 8-core, 3GB RAM should work very smoothly, meet the normal demand multitasking like listen to music and surf the web or social networking, or just listening to music via Bluetooth speakers just reading eBooks. Machine operation remains smooth for so many different applications that run underground.

The battery capacity of the machine 3.000mAh meet the normal usage of a smartphone in a day 5.5 inch screen FullHD resolution as G7 Plus.

In addition, Huawei's smartphone operating system Android 5 Lollipop, FM radio connectivity, 2 SIM, 4G LTE connectivity.

Huawei G7 Plus is a premium smartphone design, equipped with fashionable features, worth buying in a range of money. In this segment, G7 Plus no competition from smartphones oldest firms, which will compete with several smartphone vendors countrymen.

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