New rumors iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6c

You end the year, and although there are still many months for Apple to submit its next phone, the iPhone in July , are slowly appearing more and more rumors of the next generation of smartphones of the company Tim Cook . As usual Some of the rumors are almost logical bets , while others seem too risky . However, among a lot of attention rumors that continue reading pointing to a supposed iPhone 6c , more compact, and coming replace the current Apple iPhone 5 remains in its catalog.

New iPhone

According to AppleInsider, citing sources Catcher Technologies, one of the suppliers of the carcasses of the next iPhone, Apple's new phone will be waterproof and use new materials to hide the antennas that disfigure both the backside of the iPhone 6. Although Apple has already made ​​more waterproof the current iPhone 6s introducing rubber bands and sealed parts, remains to be seen if Apple dares to create a phone that publicly stated that is waterproof , which would imply many compromises in design and I should isolate all ports and buttons on the terminal.

As for materials , Apple has been using aluminum series 7000 in the iPhone 6s , the same one used in Apple Watch , to make it more resistant , although rumors suggest that the company is experimenting with other materials (something similar they say the Galaxy S7 , it is speculated will use a new magnesium alloy ).

New iPhone

Dual camera, more 3D Touch, OLED ...

Besides the above, it follows speculating that the next iPhone 7 could integrate dual chamber expected . Apple acquired the company while LinX Imaging specializes in the manufacture of double camera modules or integrating various sensors and lenses to produce zoom effects in the style of those who get the cameras Corephotonics and are expected to start joining in some terminals Android in 2016.

It is said that Apple has spent three years experimenting with these modules dual chamber , although it remains to see if the iPhone 7 gives the expected jump in the photographic section , which until now has been on a slow but steady evolution , which has made there are many Android smartphones that are considered "best camera" , as the Galaxy S6, the LG G4 or Xperia Z5.

On the other hand, after the success of acceptance that have sensitive screens pressure 3D Touch of the new iPhone 6s, it is rumored that Apple could introduce a new evolution of this technology although it is unclear whether it is an evolution of the own screen or changes in the usability of their duties.

New iPhone

It is believed that the Android ecosystem will see many phones with this pressure sensitive screen as the Galaxy S7 , so it's possible that Apple wants to give it a new twist to stay ahead of its competitors in this regard.

New iPhone

In addition, other rumors suggest that A pple could make the leap to the OLED display technology , for which could expect suppliers like Samsung or LG for this component. Even as it began to rumor a few weeks ago, the possibility that is shuffled analog headphone connection remove leaving only the Lightning connection (also wireless Bluetooth) that allows you to use digital headphones , although it would be certainly a very bad news for those who already have good headphones with analog connection or other accessories such as microphones or speakers that require this connection.

New iPhone

IPhone rumors continue 6c

Finally, with regard to the so-called iPhone 6c (some say Apple could name it iPhone 7c, although it would seem illogical), rumors indicate that Apple is stockpiling components for this new smartphone that will be released in April, such and as it leaked a few days China Mobile does , and mobile use a battery of 1,642 mAh , more powerful than using the iPhone 5s and a A9 processor with 2GB of RAM and the same fingerprint reader that the current iPhone 6s.


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