Microsoft will launch its Word Flow keyboard Android

Microsoft has already launched various applications for Android. And it is that, unlike Apple, Microsoft believes that if the mobile platform is widely used, it is good to release their apps for that platform. And that's why you may soon launch its new Word Flow keyboard Android. A keyboard that could rival SwiftKey and company.


Word Flow

The keyboard is Microsoft Word Flow keyboard is present on smartphones with Windows operating system. Logically, it will be a keyboard that will appeal to users who have already had a smartphone before with this operating system. In any case, it will be a high quality keyboard, so there could also be many more users who like this keyboard. In fact, this keyboard will look much like SwiftKey or Swype, because the main feature is that it is possible to scroll through the letters to spell words in the style of SwiftKey. It is something that is clear from the name of the keyboard, Word Flow.

So far, this keyboard was only available on smartphones with Windows operating system. However, it seems that Microsoft has already contacted some of the users that are attached to its testing program to launch the keyboard in iOS and Android. It will first platform for iPhone and iPad, and then reach for Android smartphones and tablets.

Still, it seems complex coming now can rival keyboards that are already famous in Android, as in the case of SwiftKey, Swype, or Fleksy, three keyboards that have become all the more remarkable and unlikely to find rival on a keyboard as Word Flow. Although there will be some users who will find this the ideal keyboard key, and if they were users of a smartphone with Windows operating system before.


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