Huawei Honor 7 Have Premium Edition

When introducing a Honor 5X, Huawei also announced it will bring Honor 7 Premium Edition to Europe.

Today Huawei has event in Europe. In the event the company introduced their new phones Huawei Honor 5X simultaneously launched in several European countries such as Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Huawei Honor 7

Apparently, at the time of introducing these phones, China-based company also announced there will be one more smartphone which will soon be launched in Europe, and it was a mobile phone version of the "Premium Edition" of Huawei Honor 7.

No specific, Huawei just explained that Huawei Honor 7 Premium Edition is equipped with fast charging charger 9V / 2A and 32GB of internal storage. While other specifications are still kept secret.


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