HTC One M10 with Android 6.1 will be Released in March 2016

HTC launched its latest smartphone with the name HTC One M9. And for next year HTC will also introduce M9 the next generation of smartphones are HTC One M10.

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Estimates for launch schedule for smartphone HTC One M10 has complete specifications and reportedly will at MWC 2016. It remains a rumor has been no confirmation from HTC itself.

But if the rumors or the news is true then the HTC One M10 will compete most closely with other vendors including the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus. When the smartphone HTC One M10 can compete with some of the smartphone will be able to provide unique glide embedded in smartphones HTC One M10.

Smartphone HTC One M10 is a different smartphone, the HTC will also provide significant improvement and provide the innovation and design of the HTC One M10 better.

Not yet known in detail about a significant improvement, but with it the possibility of inter-related with design and innovation that will be applied in the HTC One M10, and according to the information that smartphoen HTC One M10 will support wireless charging.

Whether it is the uniqueness in the smartphone HTC One M10? Not to be missed more clearly, because in such innovation is not surprising.

Leaked specifications of the HTC One M10 which is likely to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip 820 and also has a qHD screen quality. Price HTC One M10 is not yet formalized, because the smartphone HTC One M10 itself has not been released in the global market.

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