How to make perfect pictures with Android Phone

Most users prefer to use automatic shooting mode with a smartphone and are not interested in the opportunities that their little 'gem' grants. Photographs taken with a phone but can also be very impressive, if you apply some tricks. If the answer to the question "How to make nice pictures with Android phone?" Interests you, check out the advice of Android Pit.

Avoid using flash

It is best to use the flash only in emergencies. It is preferable to use natural light to your photos look natural. Typically LED flash smartphones are very close to the lens, which creates an unpleasant effect. If natural light is not sufficient, increase the exposure value (EV) and ISO.

Do not use digital zoom

For better results simply closer to the object you will shoot. Using digital zoom not only deteriorates the quality of your photos, but also narrows the possibilities for editing.

Do the research

Take a photo taken with your smartphone that you like and check its 'Details', to find out what settings to your phone makes good pictures.

Use HDR mode

If you have strong hands and shoot stationary objects, it is better to use the HDR mode, if you want the lights and shadows in the image is exposed evenly. When it made several pictures in quick succession, which are then combined into the camera in one image. Remember, however, that you should hold the camera very steady when using HDR mode, otherwise your picture will come out blurry.

Use the filters

Many people have contempt for the ability to add different filters to your photos. For professional photographers, this is understandable, but for ordinary users this should not be a problem because they can really add character to our photos.

The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is the simplest to implement rule of photographers. This rule is expressed in the fact that photography frame must be divided into nine equal parts by a pair of parallel vertical and horizontal lines and thus important for the composition elements should be located along these lines or points where they intersect.

Use appropriate applications

Do not hesitate to seek help from a suitable application. For example, with Colorify Augmented Reality can change the color of all 'caught' in a photo and with Google Camera can create panoramic images.

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