How to Improve the Performance of Huawei Mate 8

The Huawei Mate 8 is the big bet of Huawei for the first half of 2016. A powerful team with many arguments to become a bestseller. A six-inch screen, one of the most powerful processors in the market, a camera with a premium performance and an impressive battery of 4,000 milliamps are some of its main proposals. To further enhance its performance, Huawei has included a tool called "Phone Manager" that allows us to optimize the phone's performance and control notifications. We tell you all the details about this tool and you leave a link at the end of its full scan.

uawei Mate 8

Phone Manager is inside the preinstalled applications Huawei Mate 8. At first sight shown counter degree of optimization of the phone , on a scale from one to one hundred. If we click the radio button automatic optimization of different items of equipment is performed. These actions include close those apps that are consuming a greater amount of energy and are not in use, activation mode Smart Energy Saving or delete the so-called junk files that are taking up space in the mobile without providing any useful . Connections that are not being used are also turned off.

In the bottom of the main screen have six main icons. The first one is the one that deals with the optimization of the system , used to clean the internal memory of the phone or install those updates of apps that can make them run with more fluently. We also have access to a more complete memory manager to manage our files specifically. Here we look at the percentage of space used. One of the details that we find very useful is the fact that the files are divided by type, so that it easier to find our videos or music. There is also a special section for large files, an advantage when you want to free up space quickly.

Huawei Mate 8

The second button is a traffic manager, a very useful tool to control our spending data. From here you can choose which apps you have Internet access, and whether it is only through WiFi or with mobile data. The filter harassment serves to establish rules to prevent calls from unwanted numbers, both individuals and companies that assail us with unwanted advertising campaigns. Here we can use a black list of numbers or use filters to unknown numbers or key words that appear in messages.

uawei Mate 8

The following menu is the one that leads directly to the battery management. Here we also find a optimizer for problems that cause a higher battery consumption and solved. We also have the option to choose from three different battery plans (Performance, Smart or Ultra). But above all, what we like is the consumer filter where the apps that cause more energy expenditure appear.

In Notification Center list the different applications and shown their ability to display notifications on screen lock and the status bar. A similar operation has the management of floating notifications.


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