Gionee F103 Suit any of your Aesthetic Taste

F stands for Fashion, therefore objects that Gionee F103 is directed to those who love fashion. It would be very easy if you know what color matching, so that combined with popular smartphone this cassava made into an ideal couple.

Gionee F103 Suit

White is a color that easily coordinate with most outfits, especially with super slim body of work Gionee F103 is also much simpler. Gionee F103 will be very suitable for young people like bright colors, a white outfit comes with Gionee F103 will make you look elegant and attractive. In particular, please pay attention to luxurious metallic frame of Gionee F103, it will be in sync with the kind of jewelry is silver on white background.

These young people, especially the students often have fashion styles are very different, which sometimes makes it difficult in choosing cricket matches, but with Gionee F103 you will notice the coordination page s so much easier. You can choose Gionee F103 for colorful costumes, you'll find yourself more prominent when accompanied Gionee F103.

But elegant black dress also should not hesitate, the opposition colors will create focal points in your style. Especially the black, white and silver color 3 exudes cool, luxury and mystery.

Luxury or everyday life are not a problem with Gionee F103, the different styles combined with a cheap phone with beautiful design will create different aesthetic tastes. F103 Gionee not only beautifully designed, but it is equipped with a configuration powerful enough for all experiences, selfie impressive camera system, high-speed 4G connectivity and most especially Amigo UI 3.0 interface Colorful, true to the motto that the phone user, the device for dynamic young people. Source:thongtincongnghe .com



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