Everything you need to know the Future Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be one of the phones of the year. There are many rumors and reports that have been published about it, and it is easy're somewhat confused about what is going to get and when. Let's resumirte most importantly clearly. All you have to know the future Samsung Galaxy S7.

When you are Present and when it Launched?

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 will probably be presented on February 20. But not surprisingly, their availability in the market will be different, and vary according to different markets. There has been talk of March 11 for the United States, and it may not take long to reach Europe. A similar date can estimate for Spain, but in any case, it is likely that mobile can already buy in March. Spain Apple relegates to second place in the releases within Europe, but with Samsung the opposite occurs, so the mobile reach Spain soon.

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Design

Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S7 not come with major developments in relation to the design of the smartphone. It will remain a smartphone that will feature a metal frame and a glass back cover. It is likely, though, that the chassis and frame move from being aluminum to magnesium, making it a lighter and more resistant mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Camera

Yes there will be new, and very relevant with respect to the camera. And is that 16 megapixel camera with which the Samsung Galaxy S6 had spent a 12 megapixel camera, which might seem a priori worse but it's not. The chamber will have a higher pixel size, the more light will be captured, the dynamic range is improved, and other technical aspects that are highly valued in the world of photography. The resolution will be smaller. But let's face it, 12 megapixels are more than sufficient, and significantly improve the quality of photos, both for capture, processing and performing smartphone software. The trend is now towards camera with a lower resolution, but higher quality.

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Processor

There will be two versions of the smartphone as the processor is concerned, one that hit the United States with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, and another that hit Europe with the Samsung Exynos 8890, a processor with eight cores and high performance, which is currently thought the best processor in the mobile market, so we can say it will be even more interesting version of the smartphone that hit Europe. In addition, a processor optimized for Samsung flagship. Could not be better.

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Memory

As far as memory is concerned, must difference between RAM and internal memory. It is likely that the smartphone may already have a RAM of 4 GB. It was the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and there is no reason to think that will integrate RAM of 3GB. In any case, it will not be particularly relevant. More remarkable is the case of the internal memory. 32 and 64 GB versions seem likely. Optional 128 GB version that could or not, you might be or not available in some markets.

But the big news in this smartphone is that unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6 it does have the ability to expand the memory through a microSD card, which itself is notably remarkable as it was a lack of previous flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Battery

There is less information about smartphone battery, and it has never been really decisive. The only information that could have come is with respect to the battery capacity, it will improve. But overall, the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 already had a very good management of energy, and optimization was a stand out, and so will be in the case of Samsung Galaxy S7. But in any case, we can not expect it to be a mobile that will radically change the world of smartphones as far as autonomy is concerned. Probably you come to give autonomy to a full day and more without any problem.

Could Samsung surprised with some special wireless charging? It is a possibility, but it seems unlikely.

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Display

Nor will there be developments regarding technology or screen resolution. The smartphone will feature a Super AMOLED HD panel type as the previous Samsung Galaxy S6. And the screen resolution will be Quad HD 2560 x 1440 pixels. So much for all versions of the smartphone to be launched.

Versions and Prices

Finally, we should mention the different versions that come your smartphone. There has been talk of up to four versions. Two with curved screen and two with standard screen. Two with 5.5-inch screen and two with 5.1 inch screen. However, on the different versions there are still more imprecise and therefore not easy to talk about what will be the end versions to be released.

With regard to price, yes it is easier to talk about a possible price of 700 euros for the Samsung Galaxy S7 most basic, to which must be added plus 100 euros for each range step. That is, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus would be 800 euros. A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also be 800 euros, and a Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus would be 900 euros. In any case, this is conjecture and are not based on any precise information, so it will be something that is confirmed, not in the presentation of the smartphone, but later, when we receive the official details on the launch of mobile in Spain. Source:androidayuda.com

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