Domestic companies like Lava and Celkon Mobiles plan to invest crores Rs. for handset manufacturing in India

Lava, the domestic handset company with headquarters in Noida, will invest Rs. 200 crore for its mobile phone manufacturing and deployment. The company announces that the investment aims to strengthen the designing, testing, and R&D of Lava handsets and the amount will be spent over a period of 18 months. The company further reiterates that they want to make India the major manufacturing hub for their mobile handsets. The company has the plans to double the head count as well. This is great news as it creates a number of job opportunities for Indians. 


While talking to Press Trust of India, Lava International CMD Hari Om Rai says that “We are making India a major manufacturing hub and in process, we are expanding design, testing and R&D teams also. We will invest about Rs 200 crore in the next one-one and half years". He further adds that "We will bring the entire manufacturing ecosystem to India. Our plan is to expand exporting to other countries next year and hopefully, by 2019, we will export to China itself." It is truly encouraging because other domestic companies are too showing interests in the similar line. Other domestic players like Micromax and Spice have assembly units in India. And what is more interesting is that it is not only domestic companies showing interest but the Global handset giants like Samsung also follows the suit.

Celkon Mobiles plan

Another Indian mobile company Celkon Mobiles announces that they will invest Rs. 250 crores in its manufacturing facilities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh over next 6 months. The most interesting fact about this is that in June, the company has launched its plant in Hyderabad and has set a target of 1 million handsets after completion of both the units. The chairman of the company Y-Guru has made some interesting plans for India. Celkon Mobiles also has a plan to try their hands on manufacturing of television sets. Their plan is that in the new next few weeks they should be coming up with a joint venture with a Chinese company. As far as these home-grown companies show active interest in Indian market for selling their products, this move from their side is well justified.

It seems like mobile phone companies are looking for opportunities in India because it is one of the places where companies can find a large consumer base for their products. Also most recently, we have seen that other global mobile companies like Xiaomi, Gionee, and Asus have announced assembly units in India in partnership with electronics major Foxconn in Andhra Pradesh. All these news show some positivity in manufacturing that may take place in India offering job opportunities to many people in India. 

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