Autofocus Speed this Samsung Galaxy S7 Compared Galaxy S6

Galaxy S7 into Samsung's latest flagship smartphone which brings a number of improved features. Indeed, there is a decrease, namely on the camera of 16MP in which the Galaxy S6 become 12MP Galaxy S7. But the decline was no more than the amount of numbers, because just like humans, the quality can not be measured only use numbers.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Similarly, the Galaxy S7, which although figures decreased resolution, but the ability of this camera is actually above the Galaxy S6. The proof, this video shows how fast the Galaxy S7 camera can focus on objects.

Video taken by the people behind PhoneArena comparing the speed of the focus Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S6 edge + S7. When tested, the Galaxy S7 able to focus quickly and not lose focus when the object is changed, can even stay focused on the bad light conditions. While the Galaxy S6 edge + focus longer.


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